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For many years, wool has been known throughout the world for its health properties. Many generations used wool to manufacture clothes, blankets, bedspreads and other products. Wool has a number of health properties, it provides incredible warmth, which is of great importance especially in autumn and winter days. Moreover, the rough surface of woolen products has a very positive effect on the skin condition. It wipes it, thanks to which also improves blood circulation. 

It's definitely worth buying woolen throw. It is a product of natural origin. For its production, no synthetics or other artificial products were used. What is more, wool bedding is very durable. It can well for a very long time. Does not rub or crumble. Wool is also an extremely insulating material. It protects against cold, so you can sleep under it cosily and comfortably. The hygroscopic properties of wool are also worth mentioning.

Wool absorbs water, which means that even while sweating, you don't have to sleep under a wet duvet. On the other hand, this material is fully breathable and provides a full air supply. Sleeping under a woolen bedspread, regardless of the conditions, guarantees a long and comfortable sleep. 

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