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Wool Duvet

Wool duvet - a way to sleep well.

"As you make your bed so you must lie," reads a popular proverb. Healthy sleep is the basis of well-being. Sleeping well, affects our whole day. It is worth making sure that you wake up refreshed and happy every day. This can be provided by a wool duvet.

Delicate, fluffy and warm! Wool duvets are known for their thermal insulation properties, thanks to which they can preserve heat. The characteristics of sheep wool allow it to cool in the summer and reheat in the winter. Thus, the woolen quilt can be used all year round. It prevents overheating or sweating. In addition, it allows skin breathing, and is permeable to air, being a 100% natural product.

Sheep wool has anti-allergic properties because its hair is covered with a large layer of lanolin. Thanks to the fact, it is also a barrier to mites.

Especially recommended for people with rheumatic problems. The properties of sheep's wool mean that it maintains a constant body temperature. In addition, it relaxes muscles, reducing their tension and pain, by constantly giving mild heat to the muscles. 

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