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Luxury Soft Like Down Microfibre Duvet Quilt, Hotel Quality Soft Touch

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Microfibre Duvet Quilt functional and hygienic , light, soft, durable, do not cause allergy.


Is a unique luxury type of bedding which in touch reminds of peach. The esthetic impression of this line causes it to be special bedding. Characteristic is both its velvet softness and extraordinary delicacy. The used and tested polyester fabrics in the filling for pillows and quilts which make your sleep comfortable. Washing temperature: 60°C Fabric composition: 100% polyester microfiber Colors: white DUVET filling: 100% polyester Amball® (ball type polyester) Filling properties: the Amball® polyester balls show similarity to the lightness, softness and the elasticity of natural down. They have anti-allergic properties and counteract the deposition of house dust mites. It supports good airflow and during usage it do not lump up. Quilt filling: 100% polyester siliconed Hollow. Filling properties: polyester fibers Hollow, thermal twisted, having a spiral shape and high elasticity. They ensure a perfect thermoregulation, downiness and helps the body breath while sleeping. The deposition of dust is prevented keeping anti-allergic properties. The fabric has the OKO TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate

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